Confessions of a Change Agent (by Henrik Kniberg)


Recently I’ve come across a presentation “Confessions of a Change Agent” done by Henrik Kniberg at Agile Rock Conference 2018.

Highly recommended for everyone who is or wants to be an internal or external consultant helping organizations to improve (well, change).

The main points:

  • Attitude not a role
  • Change is easy if people want it
  • Inspire > Change
  • Slow down to speed up
  • Plant seeds
  • Don’t beat a dead horse
  • Fix it or accept it
  • Scale yourself
  • Ego
  • Don’t be a toast scrapper
  • Don’t sell solutions, sell problems
  • Make things visible
  • Don’t inflict help on people
  • Get the right people into the room
  • Law of 2 feet
  • Be brave, be humble, stay curious

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